• Willpower*

Willpower measures a character’s determination, self-assurance, and emotional resilience. A character with a high Willpower is focused and highly disciplined, able to exert tremendous self-control in order to achieve her goals. She can resist outside influences and temptations, and she can push her mind and body to accomplish extraordinary things.

Willpower is rated from 1-10 and has both a permanent and a temporary rating. A character’s permanent Willpower rating is initially determined at character creation by adding together the character’s two highest Virtues (and potentially using bonus points to increase it further). Thereafter, it does not change except by spending experience points on Willpower directly. Increases in Virtues do not automatically grant increases in Willpower. When a Willpower roll must be made for a character, the dice pool is determined by the permanent Willpower rating. A character’s temporary Willpower rating serves as a pool of points that the player may spend to fuel certain Knacks and Boons or to gain other special effects. A character’s temporary Willpower rating cannot normally be higher than her permanent Willpower rating.

• Spineless
• • Weak
• • • Timid
• • • • Certain
• • • • • Confident
• • • • • • Resolute
• • • • • • • Driven
• • • • • • • • Determined
• • • • • • • • • Iron-willed
• • • • • • • • • • Implacable

Using Willpower

In addition to using a character’s temporary Willpower to fuel certain of her divine gifts, the player may also spend one point of temporary Willpower per action to receive one of the following benefits.

Automatic Success: The player may spend one temporary Willpower point to receive one automatic success when performing an action. This is in addition to any successes generated by the player’s dice roll and counts toward the total number of successes rolled to perform the action. Further, the dice roll cannot result in a botch. The player must declare that she is spending a Willpower point for an automatic success before making her roll.

Activate a Virtue: When appropriate, the player may spend a temporary Willpower point to gain a number of bonus dice for her action equal to the Virtue’s rating.

Act in opposition to a Virtue: The player may spend a temporary Willpower point in order for her character to take an action that violates one of her four Virtues without requiring a Virtue roll.


A character with no temporary Willpower remaining is mentally and emotionally exhausted. His reserves of spirit have been spent, and he succumbs to listlessness and depression until those reserves replenish themselves. Further, he is subject to a compulsion: In his vulnerable state, his Virtues become the bedrock he clings to for stability. Until a character regains at least one point of temporary Willpower, he may not act in a way that runs counter to any Virtue rated 3 or higher, or fail to act when his Virtue demands it.

Characters use Animal Ken when attempting to handle or train a wild or domesticated animal. This Ability is also used when a character is trying to befriend or calm a hostile animal such as a stray dog or a wild horse, or to treat an injured or sick animal

A character with Animal Ken 1 has a basic understanding of animal health and behavior. She can avoid getting bitten by strange dogs and can teach pets basic tricks. A character with Animal Ken 3 is an experienced animal handler and can work safely with even wild animals, from horses to tigers. A character with Animal Ken 5 has an almost supernatural connection with animals, able to win the trust and acceptance of even the most skittish or hostile creatures.

Regaining Willpower

Characters regain their Willpower when they act in a way that restores their self-confidence and determination. The following are suggested ways in which a character may recover spent Willpower points, but the Storyteller is the final arbiter on when and how many points a character can regain.

Acting according to one’s Nature: When a character makes a decision or performs an action in accordance with her Nature that has a significant effect on the story, the character receives a Willpower point.

Spectacular deeds: When a character performs an exceptional action or behaves in a heroic manner that befits her role as a Scion, she receives a Willpower point.

Phenomenal stunts: Rather than receiving Legend points for performing a two-die or three-die stunt, the player can choose for the character to receive a Willpower point instead.

End of story: At the end of every story (not chapter), each character’s temporary Willpower is completely restored.


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